The Law of Attraction.


I’ve had my fair share of time spent on being down on myself, focusing on the negatives and never accepting who or what I was. Never feeling adequate. I’ve spent time disliking my mind for the way it shifts and changes and never stays the same, and disliking how emotional and sensitive I am. I’ve spent years disliking the part of me that choses to dislike, it was just never enough for me.

You know why I KNOW I’m good enough now? The Law of Attraction. Beating myself up isn’t going to solve anything but attract more dislike or even worse, hate. That’s time waste I can’t get back. I’ll be quite honest, I didn’t believe in the Law of Attraction at first just because I was close-minded to the idea of speaking and thinking something into existence.

You are what you eat and you are what you attract.

Sometimes we look so long at the closed door that we can’t see the many open doors that are all around us.

When you’re facing a challenge in life, it honestly can be difficult to get through it with a positive mindset. Not only that, we can focus so much on the negative aspect of the challenge that we forget that we can choose to let go of the negative aspects and focus in on what is positive.  And if a positive can’t be found, then we can at least trust and expect for the positive to show itself.

That closed door is actually a door that will take you in a whole other direction to the open door you are looking for. When a door closes, see that it is only a direction you are not supposed to be going then keep moving forward knowing that you have been given a chance to go in a whole other direction because of that challenge. An open door will always be there for you.

Another thing I’ve noticed, the way we treat ourselves comes from our environment and who we surround ourselves with. One of the biggest influences is social media. You get so caught up and “programmed” by social media that you begin to feel “less than” or like you’re not doing well enough because of this “perfect” image that it displays.

Here’s the thing. As soon as we stop being distracted by how unworthy or “less” we are, that’s when we start paying attention. That’s when we start to be aware of what’s truly around us. That’s when we start to be conscious of how the world functions by making us think we need to be, have, achieve, want, buy, own more.

It’s so funny because I’ve had SO many times where focus solely on the negative because the positive isn’t happening “quick enough for me.” For an example, let’s say I need money. In my mind, all I’m thinking about it, “OMG I need money RIGHT NOW. I need this, this, that AND THIS. I’m so screwed, I need money.” This literally happened to me before and a few days later of NOT focus on what I needed and not focusing on the fact that I didn’t have money, it came to me. What I needed, what I wanted, found its way to me, effortlessly.

What’s for you will always be for you. Less negativity, more positivity. Don’t sweat it all the time, God will always be on time.