First Day tracking my Fitness Journey.


As noted yesterday, here are my before pictures! 

I’m already fairly slim so my fitness journey will be all about toning, gaining more muscle and shredding body fat (lean out).

Today my workout consisted of HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Interval Training Cardio) and Abs.

Meals of the Day:

Breakfast 6:00AM: Oatmeal & Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and Banana

Lunch 10:00AM: Spinach & Herb Wrap with thin sliced Steak, Spinach

Snack 1:00PM: Almond Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Bar and an Orange

Pre-workoutSnack/Meal : 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread with 2 slices of turkey bacon & 1 Whole egg & 1 Egg White & 10 ounces of my BCAA drink

Post-workouts Snack/Meal 5:30PM: Protein Shake (1 scoop of Vanilla Plant-Based, Chia Seeds, Spinach, Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, Strawberries)

(I meal prepped this dinner & this is what I’m having)

Dinner 8PM: 4oz Salmon, Whole Green beans and Sweet Potatoes

Tomorrow I will do a quick vlog blog on some of the foods & supplements that I’ve eaten & the nutritional value of them I’ve eaten today & tomorrow. Catch up with you all soon! 

Starting now…. Stay Tuned.


Hellllo everyone! I often post a lot about health, wellness, fitness, etc and decided to open up a little more and track my Fitness Journey via my blog. I’m excited to begin and get back to it with consistency but in the same breath, it’ll be new to me & just a tad bit unnatural for me only because I normally am not so public with (especially with something I see as personal) what I have going on. To be completely honest with not only myself but with you all as well, just like a lot of everybody, consistency has been my biggest downfall and the main reason why I’m not exactly where I want to be physically at this very moment. Lately, I’ve been inconsistent with counting my macros & watching how much I eat especially on the days I don’t work out, I don’t workout as often as I used to & I simply get too comfortable eating whatever I want, when I wanted it but complain about how I feel or how I feel I look and became the person that just talks & complains with little to no action. As mentioned in maybe my very 1st or 2nd blog that I posted, I’ve been athletic all my life. Once I graduated High School, it came to an end for me because I was no longer involved to sports or extracurricular activities that kept me in shape. As also mentioned, I originally started my fitness journey in the summer of 2015 and only stayed consistent for 2 months. I went completely cold turkey & ate healthy 95% of the time & seen results not only physically but mentally, from within. Once my birthday that year came around, I pretty much just gave up everything, got comfortable to where I fell back into my ways and found myself nostalgic over how I used to live my life (eating whenever I wanted whenever I wanted, off sleeping patterns, not working out, etc.) However, your Fitness Journey shouldn’t be something strict to the point to where you can’t and shouldn’t have fun.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s clearly ideal to eat 100% healthy Sunday through Saturday but in the real world, it’s all about B A L A N C E.  The only reason why I say “in the real world” is because we’re only human and there are or can be times where we crack and indulge in what we want here and there, and that’s okay. Your lifestyle should or can follow a 90/10 rule of thumb or 80/20 aka 90% or 80%  healthy choices and 10% or 20% your choice. With that being said, as long as your lifestyle is 8 or 9 times out of 10 healthy, you’re living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

For me, I’ve been lenient with myself with the continuous unhealthy choices that I’ve made to the point where I’m starting this journey, yet again. So, the beginning of this time around, I’ll be a little more “cold turkey” and limiting myself to one cheat meal a week. Although this will be HARD, I’ve built somewhat of tolerance when I went down this road before for eating the way I know I should and eating what I want, when I can afford to cheat on my meals.

My fitness goal is to shred the body fat that I’ve accumulated over time, tone & build more muscle. Ive never really been too concerned with weighing myself on the scale because not only do I feel like how I look and feel inside & out matters more but because my goal is so specific, the number on the scale may not change as often as I’d like because by lifting weights & incorporating High Intensity Interval Training, I’d be shedding fat & gaining muscle. Nevertheless, I’ll still keep track of the number on the scale just to keep my eye on everything. I officially started my journey last Saturday, August 5th but I will post my before pictures tomorrow. From now on, in addition to me posting randomly about other things, I will post on how this journey is going for me, workouts (videos maybe 🤔) the things I eat, supplements I use, results, things I’ve learned, etc etc etc. I will utilize my own workouts that work(ed) for me, the foods that work(ed) for me & supplements I use to put them to work to showcase my very own results. I ultimately decided to share this journey with you guys because it benefits me in 2 ways: 1). I share my results to keep myself on track & motivated & 2). to also motivate others to get back on track or be here if someone needs/wants my help with what’s been working for me in hopes of it helping you too. So stay tuned! Be on the look out for new posts & updates. 🤘🏾✨

Quick Blog: Can You Drink Fresh Juice in place of a Meal?


There is a lot of back and forth on whether or not you can drink freshly pressed juice in place of an actual meal. The reality of it is, is that in terms of meal replacements, it’s more ideal to use a smoothie or a shake as opposed to freshly pressed juice because of the thickness.. but in the same breath, it’s not unhealthy to drink fresh juice on an empty stomach. On a more personal level, I’ve actually tried both to see for myself and did the necessary research as needed, for me to be able to actually share.

Fresh juice can be consumed on an empty stomach. This infuses the body and tissues with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Because it is lacking fiber, it doesn’t require digestion and gives up a burst of energy. If fact, it’s best to drink fresh juice on an empty stomach and/or at least half an hour before a meal. This is when your stomach hungers for food and would absorb anything you consume. When you drink a healthy, nutritious juice, your body quickly absorbs all that you consume, wasting nothing. As a general rule, fresh juice provides complex carbs to fuel energy and can be taken any time of the day.

However, a smoothie is more ideal to be used as a meal replacement and is much more substantial and filling meal than a juice; smoothies contain all of the fiber from the fruit, and the fiber is what keeps you fuller longer. Every meal you eat HAS to be a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Therefore, you have to actually make the smoothie thicker and like a meal for it to be more filling (meaning adding fats, fruit, vegetables and proteins to make it into a complete meal in liquid form).

Unless you’re on a juice cleanse, consuming raw, solid foods is evidently best. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can drink fresh juice in place of a meal. HOWEVER, if you’re looking to replace a meal with juice or smoothies, watch the sugar content in both the juices and smoothies that you make or consume. When you eat a lot of sugar at once, your blood sugar spikes and not to mention, adds on extra pounds.

Choose wisely!



Supplements are not a “Quick Fix”


I’ve mentioned before that you can work out all you want and see no results in the gym if you’re not changing your lifestyle and your eating habits. Along with this, people often assume and/or feel that adding supplements to a non-healthy or imbalanced lifestyle will quickly fix whatever it is that you need fixed. Whether it’s weight loss, weight maintenance, gaining healthy weight/muscle, toning, cutting/shredding and so on and so forth, NOTHING will work at its best unless you change your lifestyle and eating habits. Supplements should be added to your already balanced diet and should act solely as a supplement (in addition to, to make complete) to your already healthy or balanced lifestyle.

For an example, people use cleanses, “waist trainers”, detoxes, body wraps, etc as a quick fix. With cleanses and detoxes, it’s unavailing when you cleanse your body of toxins, heal your body within and infuse it with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs but counteract that benefit with putting what you’re trying to put OUT of your body, back in. You typically cleanse or detox to reboot/reset your body or just to get a jump start into a healthy lifestyle so it only makes sense to continue to maintain what you’ve started, after you started it rather than going falling back into the lifestyle you were trying to get out of. This also goes for body wraps and/or if you choose to wear a waist trainer, yes you’re fixing your body from the inside, but your inside is far more important than the what’s outside. Wearing a body wrap and/or waist trainer without changing your diet is like putting on new, freshly washed clothes on when you haven’t showered in days. lol Yeah you look great but underneath isn’t so great. It starts from inside, clean up inside your body and it will surely, without a doubt show on the outside.

This also go for tablets/pills. WATER is essential not only with everything but with supplements as well. Water soluble supplements dissolve in water so you have to keep you body hydrated so your body will retain the nutrients it needs. If you consume water-soluble supplements vitamins, your body will make use of the essential nutrients first before the excess is excreted. Therefore water-soluble vitamins are dissolved in liquid and then absorbed, sometimes quickly and easily, into your bloodstream. DRINK WATER FOR OVERALL HEALTH & FOR YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.

The supplement will do it’s job but it works at its best if it has some help aka your diet and lifestyle. Supplements are not intended to be used as a miracle or quick fix. Put in the work and put yourself and your health as your #1 priority. Look and feel good from the inside out because if you take care of your body and it will take care of you. 💪🏾

Being “Yourself”


‘Be yourself!’

Why I used to find this to be so problematic, I have no idea. This common piece of advice always seemed so cheap to me.. so cliche. Often times this advice is given before an interview, a date or some other occasion when we need to impress. Sounds like a strange piece of advice, though because, how could you not be yourself? I guess this was difficult for me to just do because.. honestly, I wasn’t so sure of who I really was. So in that case, how can you be yourself, if you don’t know yourself?

Strange at is seems, we have been conditioned all our lives to behave according to other people’s expectations, to dance to their tune, to let them pull our strings. We crave approval. We crave to fit in. But this tendency has taken over our lives to an extent where we are paralyzed by a fear of the outside world and obsessed by how others see us.

But what would things look like if you could really ‘be yourself’? Let’s say for instance you be yourself during a job interview, and I mean who you really and truly are. How likely is it that you’d get that job? Which is why I feel like a lot of people, including myself, would much rather work for themselves, be whoever they want to be, be who they really are and do what what they want because you can’t honestly be yourself when you need to impress someone to get something. The real you is the person you are when nobody else is watching, so let me ask again, how likely is it that you’ll get that job? Is the real you the person they want coming into the interview?

It’s unfortunately impossible to really be yourself when you are worried about how other people perceive you. We all care (at least a little bit) what other people think. We have been raised to believe that the approval of others is important. And in some ways it is (jobs, dates, etc). When you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship, what the other person thinks of you is important. Everything is puppy love 24/7 because you don’t really know each other yet. You don’t want to show who you REALLY are just yet, you’re still wanting to impress them without making mistakes. The ups & downs begin to roll in, not because of how the relationship is, but because you’re now revealing to each other who you really are.

There was a quote that I seen and it said “When you are able to laugh at yourself, you are free.” Being “yourself” simply means being free, being at ease with who you really are, subtracting what others see you as.. It took me a long time to really grasp. I still don’t have myself all figured out, and honestly I never truly will because we learn something new about ourselves everyday. Sometimes you’ll be what’s cool; other times you might be enemy number one. But you cannot control what other people think of you, so why even try? Just be who you want to be. Put your opinion about yourself before other’s people’s opinions about you. You can’t please everybody.


The Law of Attraction.


I’ve had my fair share of time spent on being down on myself, focusing on the negatives and never accepting who or what I was. Never feeling adequate. I’ve spent time disliking my mind for the way it shifts and changes and never stays the same, and disliking how emotional and sensitive I am. I’ve spent years disliking the part of me that choses to dislike, it was just never enough for me.

You know why I KNOW I’m good enough now? The Law of Attraction. Beating myself up isn’t going to solve anything but attract more dislike or even worse, hate. That’s time waste I can’t get back. I’ll be quite honest, I didn’t believe in the Law of Attraction at first just because I was close-minded to the idea of speaking and thinking something into existence.

You are what you eat and you are what you attract.

Sometimes we look so long at the closed door that we can’t see the many open doors that are all around us.

When you’re facing a challenge in life, it honestly can be difficult to get through it with a positive mindset. Not only that, we can focus so much on the negative aspect of the challenge that we forget that we can choose to let go of the negative aspects and focus in on what is positive.  And if a positive can’t be found, then we can at least trust and expect for the positive to show itself.

That closed door is actually a door that will take you in a whole other direction to the open door you are looking for. When a door closes, see that it is only a direction you are not supposed to be going then keep moving forward knowing that you have been given a chance to go in a whole other direction because of that challenge. An open door will always be there for you.

Another thing I’ve noticed, the way we treat ourselves comes from our environment and who we surround ourselves with. One of the biggest influences is social media. You get so caught up and “programmed” by social media that you begin to feel “less than” or like you’re not doing well enough because of this “perfect” image that it displays.

Here’s the thing. As soon as we stop being distracted by how unworthy or “less” we are, that’s when we start paying attention. That’s when we start to be aware of what’s truly around us. That’s when we start to be conscious of how the world functions by making us think we need to be, have, achieve, want, buy, own more.

It’s so funny because I’ve had SO many times where focus solely on the negative because the positive isn’t happening “quick enough for me.” For an example, let’s say I need money. In my mind, all I’m thinking about it, “OMG I need money RIGHT NOW. I need this, this, that AND THIS. I’m so screwed, I need money.” This literally happened to me before and a few days later of NOT focus on what I needed and not focusing on the fact that I didn’t have money, it came to me. What I needed, what I wanted, found its way to me, effortlessly.

What’s for you will always be for you. Less negativity, more positivity. Don’t sweat it all the time, God will always be on time.