Heeey everyone! Welcome to my Blog! I’m Cydney and I am born and raised in Las Vegas. I Graduated from Desert Pines HS in 2013 and played basketball all 4 years there and ran track my senior year. Buuuut I didn’t really want to make this “About” section a long story about who I am. I feel like you’ll find that out in my blogs. I wanted it moreso to be about what this blog will consist of. I mainly made this blog because I am a person who surfs the web for websites and things like this and just think its cool and interesting. You’ve all heard the saying “you want something done, do it yourself” or “be the change that you want to see” well yeah, I wanted to create/do something that I like to see more of. Something that I will enjoy doing. But first off, let me start by explaining how and why I chose the name “broadlayers”. So basically I couldn’t think of something that described myself and this blog at the same time. I ran through the dumbest names and phrases, forgetting that I am an extremely corny person (you guys will find that out, lol). But I was actually asking my boyfriend for ideas and telling him that my blog will not focus on just one topic, it will be about a lot of almost everything/things I want to just talk about or share. He came up with “broad” obviously because there will be a number of different topics to post/talk about. He came up with “layers” because there are so many different layers to the kind of person I am, as well as this blog. SO voila magic, its broadlayers, I think it has a ring to it. lol If this doesn’t make sense still, I promise you that you’ll understand it once I get this started. So yeah, it was so fitting so I stuck with it. Anywho, this blog will be about me, my thoughts, my opinions on things, fitness, health, healthy eating, advice, current trending topics and my thoughts on it, reviews on new things or places I’ve tried, and WAAAAY more. I can’t even name everything because there will be A LOT of random things that I can’t think of right now and that I want to share or post. I am no trainer, nutritionist (yet), no relationship expert & whatever else but I ‘m speaking on things that worked for me, from my own experience. As far as fitness goes, I’ve had an online trainer that I learned a lot from and overall well-being). Soooo yeah I hope you guys enjoy and I look forward to share what’s happening and be able to confabulate with you all! (like my new word? just picked up on it today. lol)