Supplements are not a “Quick Fix”


I’ve mentioned before that you can work out all you want and see no results in the gym if you’re not changing your lifestyle and your eating habits. Along with this, people often assume and/or feel that adding supplements to a non-healthy or imbalanced lifestyle will quickly fix whatever it is that you need fixed. Whether it’s weight loss, weight maintenance, gaining healthy weight/muscle, toning, cutting/shredding and so on and so forth, NOTHING will work at its best unless you change your lifestyle and eating habits. Supplements should be added to your already balanced diet and should act solely as a supplement (in addition to, to make complete) to your already healthy or balanced lifestyle.

For an example, people use cleanses, “waist trainers”, detoxes, body wraps, etc as a quick fix. With cleanses and detoxes, it’s unavailing when you cleanse your body of toxins, heal your body within and infuse it with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs but counteract that benefit with putting what you’re trying to put OUT of your body, back in. You typically cleanse or detox to reboot/reset your body or just to get a jump start into a healthy lifestyle so it only makes sense to continue to maintain what you’ve started, after you started it rather than going falling back into the lifestyle you were trying to get out of. This also goes for body wraps and/or if you choose to wear a waist trainer, yes you’re fixing your body from the inside, but your inside is far more important than the what’s outside. Wearing a body wrap and/or waist trainer without changing your diet is like putting on new, freshly washed clothes on when you haven’t showered in days. lol Yeah you look great but underneath isn’t so great. It starts from inside, clean up inside your body and it will surely, without a doubt show on the outside.

This also go for tablets/pills. WATER is essential not only with everything but with supplements as well. Water soluble supplements dissolve in water so you have to keep you body hydrated so your body will retain the nutrients it needs. If you consume water-soluble supplements vitamins, your body will make use of the essential nutrients first before the excess is excreted. Therefore water-soluble vitamins are dissolved in liquid and then absorbed, sometimes quickly and easily, into your bloodstream. DRINK WATER FOR OVERALL HEALTH & FOR YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.

The supplement will do it’s job but it works at its best if it has some help aka your diet and lifestyle. Supplements are not intended to be used as a miracle or quick fix. Put in the work and put yourself and your health as your #1 priority. Look and feel good from the inside out because if you take care of your body and it will take care of you. 💪🏾


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