What made me want to open up my own Juice Bar?


I’ve been asked this question before but the more this simple question is asked, the depth of my answer expands.. The more I get into it, the more I began to read more and learn more, the more I’m reminded of why I really am passionate about it.. reminding me of why I really want to do this.

It originally started in 2013. I started making fresh, clean smoothies that I’ve gotten from Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Kelly Rowland’s recommended smoothies to incorporate with their workout DVD. Talking about health and fitness and finding different ways to be healthy always fascinated me. So I decided to do something with that interest that I couldn’t stop thinking about, talking about and researching about and find another alternative to healthy habits. The end of 2015 I’ve been introduced to Juicing while doing a challenge that I was doing by the trainer Noelle Benepe. At this moment, it was just an idea and I never took the action into Juicing on my own. I let the whole year of 2016 go by with hiding something that was so intriguing to me and merely being content with a career that didn’t showcase my passion, what I loved talking about and what I was so drawn to learning more about.. I settled for a career that I didn’t have much drive for taking on.

2017 was the year I decided to take action, step out of my shell and go after what I wanted, what I yearned for and share my passion. I started juicing just for myself when I got my first Juicer but after getting and ordering books, taking online courses on Juicing, doing any and all researches of Juicing, I wanted to promote that. I wanted to share my passion with others, in the hopes of rubbing that off on someone. I wanted to help others get a jump start on becoming and FEELING healthy. I wanted to get others as excited as I am about Juicing. I’ve always loved smoothies and making them, so I wanted to take that fondness and give the option to others of choosing between juice and a smoothie. Not only is the taste important, but putting together powerhouse juices and smoothies is the main goal. Therefore I’m still creating, testing and perfecting everything more than once to ensure that I’m am providing and promoting quality and beneficial juices and smoothies.

All of my juices and smoothies will have a purpose. Healthy living does not having to be bland and boring. Who doesn’t love an flavorful, thirst quenching juice and smoothie that can also benefit your body and overall well being in a powerful way? I can’t think of a better way to take that first step to a healthier you than to start with & incorporate fresh, healthy & organic juices and smoothies to your daily living. With everything being said: coming to you soon, my very own Juice Bar business❣️✨


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