You ever have a conversation with someone and feel like you’re talking to the person you used to be.. and have now put in the past?

Today I had a conversation with a 9th grade girl at my job about self-esteem. She told me, “Oh no one will ever want me, I’m in a wheelchair.. And I know I’m not as pretty as the girls he likes so I don’t bother.” Maybe 3 or 4 times within 10 minutes, she called herself ugly to me. For some odd reason the first thing I asked her, why do you want a boyfriend? And she said, “So that I can be happy. It’ll just make me feel better.” I feel like most girls have gone through this phase of “not being pretty enough” or “not as pretty” and I used to be in a similar phase as the girl I spoke with is in, except I was in middle school. I struggled with self-confidence and felt like I needed the validation from a boy or even anyone to make my self-esteem go up; and if I didn’t get that, I took it as that being my answer. Yes, I still have my days where I don’t feel pretty and yes there are times where I’m my confidence is lower than it should be but talking to this girl, made me think “I am a creation of God, that alone is beautiful. Be proud of that.” Talking to her made me realize how I used to look to the few people I told my feelings to. I then told the girl what I wish someone had told me when I felt similar to the way she did: “How can you expect someone to think you’re pretty if you don’t think or feel that way about yourself? You have to truly FEEL, KNOW, and BELIEVE that. Comparing yourself to what you see is only going you drive you up the wall. Confidence is not arrogance or being conceited, it’s believing it from within and letting the rest flow. Don’t find it from someone else, find that and feel that in yourself and let it show. It’ll attract who it’s supposed to.”

“Beauty is how you feel, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

You are either as ugly or as beautiful as you think you are. YOU define your own beauty and no one should ever take that power or right from you. What you think of yourself is MUCH more important than what others think of you, so embrace being one of a kind. Love what God gave you and how he made you because trust me, he makes no mistakes. I truly believe in beauty coming from within.. your soul, your spirit; it’s beyond the looks, the clothes and body shapes. The “standard” of beauty that you often compare yourself to, is a façade. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….. YOU are the beholder.



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