Fresh Juices VS. Store-Bought Juices


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So you may notice when you walk around grocery stores and see juices on the shelves saying “100% fruit juice” or “100% natural”. Most of us will see these labels and think “healthy” but.. how healthy are they? Will they give you the same nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you would get from real fruit? Don’t purchase the juice at the store just yet, and here’s why..

What Are The Benefits Of Juice?

Before comparing fresh and store bought juices, it’s important to understand the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, and why it is good to include them in your diet in the first place.

Fresh juice provides ample of benefits for the body, providing vital micronutrients and enzymes. Juicing allows you to take in all the goodness of vegetables and fruit without having to actually eat them if you’re not huge fans of eating salads or vegetables raw. It is also a great source of nutrition if you have a poor appetite or poor diet. Because it’s  liquid form, it does not contain insoluble fiber so it makes it easy on the stomac It also promotes overall health and can help kick start a healthy diet.

What Makes Store Bought Juice Any Different?


Do you ever wonder why a brand of fruit juice tastes the same throughout all boxes or bottles? If they’re from completely different fruits, then there’s bound to be a difference in the taste from one bottle to the next, right? But they taste the same! The reason why fruit juices tastes so good (and the same) is because once they are pasteurized and processed, they are then loaded with flavor packs which give them a uniform flavor. These flavor packs are loaded with simple sugars, which have zero nutritional value and do nothing but increase your blood sugar levels.

With all of this being said, most juices in supermarket stalls have very little nutritional value and are loaded with sugars – and they may have traces of chemicals and other compounds as well. All in all, you are simply spending for and just drinking chemically laden, flavored sugar water. That is definitely not something you want when you are planning to go on a healthy diet. If you want to get the most nutrients from your drink, fresh juice is always the way to go. When you extract the juice from the produce, you get all of its important nutrients inside liquid form, allowing you to drink all the phytonutrients (plant chemicals), minerals and vitamins in one drink. The juice doesn’t have any fiber though, so it should still not replace raw produce and vegetables in your diet.

Fresh juice benefits:

  • Most often cheaper
  • More nutrients are preserved
  • You know exactly what’s going into your juice

So if you do need to buy your own juice from the store, here are some things to look for in a juice:

1. Is it organic and gmo-free? You definitely should choose organic and non-gmo.

2. Does it have any odd ingredients that aren’t healthy?

3. Is it pasteurized? Pasteurization kills off all the nutrients.

4. Is it cold-pressed? This is the best option when choosing a juice.

5. Does it have tricky phrases on it like “100% juice” or “not from concentrate”? These don’t necessarily mean healthy at all.

6. Do you trust the company that is producing this juice?


What made me want to open up my own Juice Bar?


I’ve been asked this question before but the more this simple question is asked, the depth of my answer expands.. The more I get into it, the more I began to read more and learn more, the more I’m reminded of why I really am passionate about it.. reminding me of why I really want to do this.

It originally started in 2013. I started making fresh, clean smoothies that I’ve gotten from Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Kelly Rowland’s recommended smoothies to incorporate with their workout DVD. Talking about health and fitness and finding different ways to be healthy always fascinated me. So I decided to do something with that interest that I couldn’t stop thinking about, talking about and researching about and find another alternative to healthy habits. The end of 2015 I’ve been introduced to Juicing while doing a challenge that I was doing by the trainer Noelle Benepe. At this moment, it was just an idea and I never took the action into Juicing on my own. I let the whole year of 2016 go by with hiding something that was so intriguing to me and merely being content with a career that didn’t showcase my passion, what I loved talking about and what I was so drawn to learning more about.. I settled for a career that I didn’t have much drive for taking on.

2017 was the year I decided to take action, step out of my shell and go after what I wanted, what I yearned for and share my passion. I started juicing just for myself when I got my first Juicer but after getting and ordering books, taking online courses on Juicing, doing any and all researches of Juicing, I wanted to promote that. I wanted to share my passion with others, in the hopes of rubbing that off on someone. I wanted to help others get a jump start on becoming and FEELING healthy. I wanted to get others as excited as I am about Juicing. I’ve always loved smoothies and making them, so I wanted to take that fondness and give the option to others of choosing between juice and a smoothie. Not only is the taste important, but putting together powerhouse juices and smoothies is the main goal. Therefore I’m still creating, testing and perfecting everything more than once to ensure that I’m am providing and promoting quality and beneficial juices and smoothies.

All of my juices and smoothies will have a purpose. Healthy living does not having to be bland and boring. Who doesn’t love an flavorful, thirst quenching juice and smoothie that can also benefit your body and overall well being in a powerful way? I can’t think of a better way to take that first step to a healthier you than to start with & incorporate fresh, healthy & organic juices and smoothies to your daily living. With everything being said: coming to you soon, my very own Juice Bar business❣️✨

Eat to Live!


There is a big debate over eating less meals a day aiding in weight loss while eating frequently and timely throughout the day leads to weight gain. False.

But why and how do you know? I’ve tried both and when I ate less meals a day, it slowed down my metabolism and noticed slight weight gain. Versus when I ate 5-6 times a day, my metabolism sped up and the start of doing so, I was able to maintain weight. The more I continued and incorporated exercise, I noticed my body changing in the way I wanted. When you eat less than what you need for basic function, your body pumps the break on your metabolism and goes to your muscle tissue for energy, causing it to break down. Eating every 3-4 hours keeps you regular and will keep you satisfied, giving you a lesser change of overrating. Your energy levels drop when the intervals between meals are too long. I know this is true from personal experience because if you’re anything like me, you get cranky, moody and completely sluggish; lacking energy. Starvation or eating too little too infrequently is NOT a solution to your weight problem. Your body holds on to its fat content in that case. If you eat smaller meals of the right type (food that contains proteins, carbs and even a little fat) more frequently, your body burns more fat or more calories than it takes in, resulting in a net loss. It may seem to be the impossible, but it is true.

Only eating three meals a day more often will cause you to consume more calories and gain weight. Eating 5 or 6 meals (smaller meals) more frequently causes weight loss by increasing your metabolism. By feeding your body in a timely matter, you avoid eating big portions, hours apart, less times a day. People freak out when they hear people say they eat 6 times a day. When we say that, we mean 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 snacks in between (i.e. protein shakes, fruit, smoothies, fresh juices, etc.). Heavy and infrequent meals leaves you inactive and lethargic, feeling like you need to rest after a heavy meal. Smaller meals will be very helpful and more beneficial because you won’t ever feel stuffed.

Here is an article I found in regards to frequent eating:

No Magic Numbers

There is no magic number of meals to eat or combination of food that will make you lose weight. Most nutritionists agree that you shouldn’t go many hours between meals, but this doesn’t mean that you should engage in mindless snacking or force yourself to eat five or six full meals either. The American Dietetic Association says that whether you are eating three or six meals a day, weight loss comes down to what you eat and how much. Your weight is still determined by the number of calories you consume minus the number of calories you expend.

To Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller meals can have health benefits for some people. If you are a person who tends to go long periods of time without eating and then gorge yourself at dinner, try eating smaller meals more often throughout the day. Try to make each meal between 200 and 500 calories (depending on how much you exercise).

Make Healthy Choices

Whether you are eating three meals or six meals, you should remember to maximize the nutrients at each meal. Try to avoid eating empty calories and processed snack foods. Foods that are low in nutrients and high in calories, like doughnuts, for example, will just cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop, making you hungrier sooner. Instead, try to make each meal balanced with complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, and protein, nuts or low-fat cheese.

To Eat Three Meals

Don’t force yourself to eat food when you aren’t hungry. If you are trying to eat multiple small meals, avoid eating when you are completely full. Learn to listen to your body and make your meals even smaller if you find yourself feeling completely full. If you find that you do well by eating three balanced meals, there isn’t research to suggest that it would benefit you to eat one or two more meals. As long as you are meeting your nutritional requirements, don’t increase your caloric intake.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether you eat three times a day or six. Choose a meal plan based on your individual nutrition requirements and lifestyle. If you absolutely can’t eat breakfast then don’t. Drink a fruit smoothie or take a granola bar and some fruit for when you do get hungry. If you work out during your lunch break, it is acceptable to eat more at dinner than breakfast or lunch.Think about which method (or combination of methods) will give you the most energy to exercise and not overeat.


Moral of the story… EAT YOUR FOOD, just be smart about it!

Verse of the Day:


“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22

Cheerfulness of spirit has a great influence on your body. Especially a heart full of spiritual joy, peace, and contentment flowing from the blood of Christ, joy in the Holy Ghost and the righteousness of Jesus Christ, affects even the outward (physical) part of us. It is a good medicine of itself; raises the spirits and invigorates the body. But a broken spirit dries the bones: a spirit broken with sorrow and the joy or grief of the have a very great influence upon the body, either for its good or hurt.


Juice Bar Review: Smoothie King


I’ve tried this place once before about 8 years ago but didn’t remember how it was or what they had, so today I decided to go back and check it out. There aren’t that many in Las Vegas but the one I went to was on Buffalo Drive in Centennial Hills. I love how their menus are divided into what the smoothie’s purpose is; it’s not so complicated to choose from and easier to read. So for an example, their menu has 4 sections: Fitness blends, Slim blends, Wellness blends & Take a Break blends, with some smoothies in each section being made as a meal replacement. Everything on their menu is worth a try in my opinion, so I’ll definitely be back to try more.

HOWEVER… the only negative thing I’d say is that in their ingredients it’ll say, for an example, apple juice ‘blend’ …. blended with what? I feel like you should be very clear of what your ingredients are so that customers will know what they’re putting in their bodies if you’re going to advertise wellness, health, etc. So yes it’ll taste good, which is the most important part, but you don’t really know what the juice “blends” are blended with. But, I gave one of their wellness smoothies a try anyhow because I seen something that I’ve never seen on a menu at a Juice Bar: Electrolyte mix. 

I ordered the Apple Kiwi Kale wellness smoothie which was made up of Apple Juice, Kale, Kiwi juice blend, bananas and electrolyte mix. By far, this was one of the best tasting smoothies I’ve come across. It had so much flavor, quenched your thirst and is good if you need a little boost (from the electrolytes). Smoothie King carries nutritional supplements (protein powders, vitamins, superfood powders, etc.) grab & go healthy snacks, bottled drinks & even their own Smoothie King blender bottles.

Definitely try this place (or more often as I’m sure most have heard of this place) if you’re wanting more of a GREAT tasting smoothie and not too concerned about having an 100% organic & natural smoothie. The smoothie I chose is highly recommended to any & everyone. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Catch ya later on another review! Xx



You ever have a conversation with someone and feel like you’re talking to the person you used to be.. and have now put in the past?

Today I had a conversation with a 9th grade girl at my job about self-esteem. She told me, “Oh no one will ever want me, I’m in a wheelchair.. And I know I’m not as pretty as the girls he likes so I don’t bother.” Maybe 3 or 4 times within 10 minutes, she called herself ugly to me. For some odd reason the first thing I asked her, why do you want a boyfriend? And she said, “So that I can be happy. It’ll just make me feel better.” I feel like most girls have gone through this phase of “not being pretty enough” or “not as pretty” and I used to be in a similar phase as the girl I spoke with is in, except I was in middle school. I struggled with self-confidence and felt like I needed the validation from a boy or even anyone to make my self-esteem go up; and if I didn’t get that, I took it as that being my answer. Yes, I still have my days where I don’t feel pretty and yes there are times where I’m my confidence is lower than it should be but talking to this girl, made me think “I am a creation of God, that alone is beautiful. Be proud of that.” Talking to her made me realize how I used to look to the few people I told my feelings to. I then told the girl what I wish someone had told me when I felt similar to the way she did: “How can you expect someone to think you’re pretty if you don’t think or feel that way about yourself? You have to truly FEEL, KNOW, and BELIEVE that. Comparing yourself to what you see is only going you drive you up the wall. Confidence is not arrogance or being conceited, it’s believing it from within and letting the rest flow. Don’t find it from someone else, find that and feel that in yourself and let it show. It’ll attract who it’s supposed to.”

“Beauty is how you feel, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

You are either as ugly or as beautiful as you think you are. YOU define your own beauty and no one should ever take that power or right from you. What you think of yourself is MUCH more important than what others think of you, so embrace being one of a kind. Love what God gave you and how he made you because trust me, he makes no mistakes. I truly believe in beauty coming from within.. your soul, your spirit; it’s beyond the looks, the clothes and body shapes. The “standard” of beauty that you often compare yourself to, is a façade. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….. YOU are the beholder.