New Regime Review: Juicing


juicerI’ve finally got a hold of my own juicing machine! I’ve already used it and forgot to take a picture of the first juice I made but I’ll post the juicing recipes hat I’ll make or ones that I’ll be trying. I would highly recommend this brand (Oster) because it has a cup that separates the pulp of fruits and veggies VERY quickly and efficiently rather than the reviews I’ve seen on other brands; and it’s so easy to clean. I decided to do juicing to make my own natural fresh juice, for detoxing/cleansing, healthy snacking and to get out of the habit of buying and drinking so much store bought, sugary juices with hidden added sugars in them. Juicing is an easy way to get a lot of nutrients and antioxidants, weight loss and merely something to add to your diet for your overall well being.

Here’s the recipe of the juice I made yesterday:

  • 1/2 medium Grapefruit
  • 5 Strawberries
  • 2 handfuls of Kale
  • 1 Kiwi
  • 6 Blackberries

Grapefruit is great for heart health and a natural fat burner (eating 1 half of grapefruit before a meal is known to be good for weight loss. It will curb your appetite to help you eat less and attack your fat. I’ve tried it before and it helped with belly fat). Kale is rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamin A, C & K. Blackberries are also an antioxidant fruit and good for heart health and fights cancer.

Comment or like if you guys want to see how this machine works, in the process of making juice. I will upload a video if so. Catch up with you soon! xxx






Okay.. this blog won’t be long, I just needed to express me thoughts.. Every single time I choose to go on a social network, the first thing that pops up is the news, hearing someone dying from senseless violence. INNOCENT PEOPLE. I had a kid come in my office at work today asking “Why is this world so scary, it’s so much violence” … I can’t fathom how the people that want to end a person’s life or don’t care for doing so are the first to say “stop the violence” or “they didn’t deserve this” when someone takes a life of their loved one. But other people deserve it? How can you mess with people but not want anyone messing with you? How can you be the kind of person to end someone’s life and then life with it? How can you live comfortably knowing, now, someone’s coming after you for taking the life of someone they knew or loved? What happened to instilling the value of life so that you would make better choices on what you choose to do with yours? Literally the only thing you get out of killing someone is in jail or dead. Honestly, the guns aren’t killing people, the PEOPLE are. YOU are the one deciding what to do. I’m not understanding the lack of respect for yourself to not care about your actions and how they affect people, families.. I seen the news announcing a plan to help stop violence but in all honesty, I don’t know how they’ll do that or where they would start but I’m all for it, I just wish I knew what took so long to start acting on something that’s been an issue for so long…

We have to be smarter.. nothing good EVER comes out of violence. don’t be one of the people that makes this world such a bad place to want to be in..



Random Blog: I love India Arie


Everyone has that one person’s (or more) music that we go to to feel good, right? Something to get you out of the funk that you’re in or simply tap into your emotions and help clear your mind. India Arie is my person. The video I’m showing below is a song that I felt the most when I was younger but wasn’t able to genuinely appreciate it until I got older. I remember borrowing her Acoustic Soul CD from my god-sister when I was 11 years old and never gave it back. lol After listening to that one CD, I was sold. I wanted to hear and have any and everything she came out with. I’ve always loved her music when I was younger but couldn’t really grasp what she was talking about or feel what she was saying because I was too young to truly understand. I was sitting at work today and one of her songs played on my computer and it immediately made me nostalgic; so I went to her station on Pandora let all of the songs that had of hers, play. I’ve never ran into a India Arie song that I didn’t like, was able to feel, or one that was able to turn my mood around. She’s so authentic and and her music is so therapeutic. For me, I think that’s because I can relate to her music a lot and actually feel the song more than a lot of other music artists that I love; her music is truly a social experience. I’d suggest her music to any and everybody and this song in particular, I’m almost certain every girl can relate to this. THIS SONG IS REAL. She is really an inspiration. Enjoy! Catch up with you later! ❤ xxx


Becoming is better than Being


Let me be clear first, being who you want to be is great, fun and is the ultimate goal. But the process and steps you take of becoming who you want to be is where you see the growth in yourself, which to me is more rewarding than actually being. This can apply to a lot of things that you want it to but for me, it’s the physical and mental part of becoming who I want and should be. Becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, whether it’s a doctor, NBA player, singer, etc. is a bit more exciting because you can look back at realize how far you’ve come as you’re still making it happen for yourself, like you’re journey is still continuing. Taking the steps into actually being who you want to be is gratifying, while just being who you want is where some people get comfortable. Just like when you move to a new city, state or country and trying to get adjusted. It’s a new step, new feeling, you’re going to places and getting to know the place you’re in so that you can feel more comfortable there. Once you’ve been around, feel like you’ve seen it all and done it all, you feel settled.. comfortable..

Physically being who you want to be is obviously what we all want but working for it is where you find out what you’re capable of, your abilities. When you’re working out, the beginning of the journey in looking and feeling how you want to look is always the hardest part yet the most important part. The more that you work out, eat right and sleep right, you’ll start to see your body transform little by little. The more you see it the more you want to keep going. This is becoming who you want to be. Creating your masterpiece. Challenging yourself and showing yourself what you can do. You become addicted to perfecting everything, working towards actually “being”, that you want to keep becoming and seeing who you are really are and what you’ve accomplished.

Mentally becoming at peace with your thoughts or taking full control of them rather than being at peace is actually a lot harder and is honestly, to me, a constant “becoming” state. Only because your thoughts is just so hard to fight off a majority of the time. Once you master your thoughts, you can set your self to do so much more. I know this because I’d be working out at the gym and my body can do another set or another rep but my mind is telling me “I don’t feel like it. just stop, you’re tired.” Even when I stress about something, being able to tackle my thoughts and become at peace with myself and my mind makes me feel more accomplished.. if that makes sense? Because I was able to take control and move on from it. Once you tell yourself there’s bigger fish to fry and are able to brush things off, you are now becoming in control of your thoughts. You’ve all heard of the saying “Listen/follow to your heart, not your mind.” I thought this was so cliche and something that I had a hard time believing when I was younger. Mainly because I felt that my mind was easier to read, than my heart, like it was like automatic thoughts. When all actuality, your heart is the essence of your being and the mind is simply who you are. The heart tells you how you feel, it tells the brain how you feel. The point of this is, becoming in tuned with your thoughts reveals the how powerful you really can be, rather than just being that.

Start becoming who you want to be, whatever that is to you. Value the steps it takes to get there until you can value actually being who you want to be. Catch up with you guys soon! xxx



The affects of Cheating


I’m almost certain that many of you have seen this floating around on Twitter, Facebook or the Internet but I actually never really watched the whole video until now. The first thing I noticed that immediately sat wrong with me was the difference in facial expressions. You can clearly tell that she still loves him and he shows no remorse; he’s smiling. He either doesn’t love her or just doesn’t care about his actions. Anyone can agree that you’ve felt, if not all, then some of her pain watching this. This isn’t to put men down because there are women that cheat as well, but this video is a prime example of why a lot of people, mainly women, have trust issues. If you don’t want to commit or aren’t capable of committing, don’t get into the relationship in the first place… I don’t know, What are your thoughts on this video and/or this topic? Let me know!

Happy Valentines Day!



I wonder who made this day, a day and why..? I’ve always been the kind of girl that wanted it all: the love, the husband, the family, everything; even at a younger age (beginning of Middle School) which is a little weird; mainly because kids don’t think of that or care too much to give it the time of day. They’ll just date just to date or have multiple boyfriends.. Not me, I was different, I was rare. My parents gave/gives me something to look up to and look forward to so the older I got, the more I realized I couldn’t wait to have that.  I remember feeling so left out and a bit bummed out when I was younger because I’ve always thought Valentines Day was only for people who actually had someone to call a “someone.” It only reminded me of how I really didn’t have any and wanted someone, wanted someone to like me and merely wanting someone that was just for me. Elementary School made sure no one was left out because there was always parties in the classrooms and little candy and card exchanges; so you didn’t really feel to bad about this day back then. That day was for any and everyone. Once I got in Middle School, I started seeing everyone with boy/girl friends and it just made it more real to me that I didn’t have that; it was embarrassing to me to go to the Valentines Day dances that they had in Middle School, without someone. My last year in Middle School me and my friends decided to all go together and just make it fun. That’s when I sort of got over feeling down if I didn’t have a Valentine because I had this feeling come over me that it’s just a day. You can make the day into anything you want it to be, there’s no “rules” to it. Don’t have a Valentine? Go out with friends. Don’t have friends? Treat yourself. Have a Valentine? Then today is good day for you. lol My boyfriend always makes sure of that. Not just today, randomly. ❤ So I’m wishing everyone a happy, joyful and loving day. Today is for you, for EVERYONE. Go out and make this loving day a great one. Chitchat later! xxx

Growth.. Acceptance?


My maturity kicked in big time today. I mentioned in my other blog that once things fall apart for me, I just shut down and give up on trying again. I need to learn that everything that I want, the things I pray for and stress over, may not always be FOR me. I guess the reason I struggle with this is because like I said before, I am a strong believer in things happening for a reason. So as soon as I see a door crack open up for me, I think:

“This is it. I’ve been waiting for it, begging for it, asking for it. This is it.”

Maybe this is me having to come to terms that some things that you want or persistently ask for can come in your life to make you realize that you don’t need it.. Or it’ll make you realize that it’s really not even for you. Almost like a wake up call. For an example, I can’t count how many job interviews I’ve been called for that I felt like the job was absolutely mine before I even gone on the interview.. but once I go on the interview, I realized this job didn’t fit me or was more than I bargained for. Not that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, more like I wouldn’t put myself through something that I myself am not fully into and end up failing not only the company, but myself. Everything that happens for a reason, isn’t always for a good reason. It’s either a blessing or a lesson and I have to accept the good and the bad of things that I encounter.. honestly especially the bad because I learn more from it and have a chance to perfect that mistake and keep moving.

“Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.” You really can’t win them all, you have to accept the fact that you may lose. But the beauty in that, is that you can move on to Plan B, Plan C, etc. Acceptance of the good and the bad.. I’ve grown a little bit more today..